Monday, February 7, 2022

The Days Are A Blur. Plus A New Years Start...OMG For February!

Wow has it really been over 7 months since my last post!!!! So much has been going on, some good some bad. All I know is this years has been hard on our family. My husband lost two of his brothers within months of each other and his father the beginning of the year.

We decided to move to Bowling Green since our son was going to go to WKU. Finding a house was crazy! I would send texts to our realtor about a house we wanted to see and it was already off market! We did finally find a house and it's only 3 minutes from Timmy's dorm! He's been coming home on the weekends, and I think that has helped him deal with the newness of it all. Duke and Gracie are very happy when he comes home...Me too! Duke and Timmy have gotten very close and it makes me so happy to see the bond they have.

 I love the way Duke is hugging Timmy back by leaning his head into him.

I don't think I ever gave an update on Duke and Timmy. In the beginning he was afraid of Tim and Timmy. After 2 1/2 weeks he went to Tim, but Timmy was proving more of a challenge. The Rescue we were working with almost wouldn't let us keep him because they were worried about Duke never getting used to Timmy or afraid he would bite ending with us giving him up or having to have him put down if he did bite. But I saw that he was interested and just needed more time. He never showed aggression or any indication of biting. When he was scared he would run away from Timmy. It took him around 4 months to finally go to Timmy. I thank Gracie for that! Duke would watch them together and you could tell he wanted some of that attention too. Now Timmy is Dukes boy. He misses him all week, I catch him in Timmy's bed whenever I leave his door open with the saddest of faces. And when Timmy comes home he gets bunches of hugs. I believe Timmy is benefiting from his hugs as much as Duke is.

Our new home was also very close to the tornado that went through western KY in December. It was very scary and way too close for my liking! But we were blessed and had very little damage. The homes a couple blocks away are still waiting on work to be done. And the main street just past that still looks like a war zone.

That's about it on the update of my life, onward with the projects I've been doing!

My first finish of the new year! Well, maybe finished...

Pat Sloan used this block in her new QAL Sweet Dreams that is going on now. She suggested making a throw and has a free pattern available at her site. I'm not sure if I'm going to put another border on, maybe the strips of fabrics I used for the hearts and I'm not sure if I'll do the big HST in the outer border. I used fabric from another sew along and I still have a few blocks left to do and I don't want to use up that fabric on this and not be able to finish it. I plan on working on that, in fact that will be my OMG for February. 

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal February Link-up

I want to finish my Home Is... quilt from Pat Sloan's spring QAL. I have three of the big sections done and put together, I just have to make six blocks and 4 of those are super easy. So my goal is to complete the Home Is... quilt top! I'm not sure about borders, but if I can get the blocks sewn together I will be very happy. 

I'm hoping to get these up on the bulletin board so I can see them better. But there is a bunch of blocks you can't see. I do have a spot in my new Studio for a design wall, just need to buy the material for that. Until then my bulletin board will have to do.

Another project I have been working on is also one of Pat Sloan's QAL called Fall Frolic. I decided to do mine from a fat quarter bundle I bought awhile ago. Most of the fabric was Return To Winter's Lane and Signature Linen by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. for Moda. I added Winter Wonderland (Clothworks) and for my solids I used Kona Cotton in Mushroom. I also purchased a .5 yard of Poppy for the border in case I didn't have enough, but I think I have plenty. The blocks are done I just have a few sashing blocks left to do. Here are some of my favorites.

The sashing blocks are simple, economy blocks using the papers from Fat Quarter Shop. You don't need to use the papers, but I got them in one of FQS Sew Sampler boxes and figured I might as well use them!

I do have more projects to show you, but this post is already a novel! So I'll do another post in a couple days with those in it!  Thank you for taking time to visit my blog! Hope to see you for Part 2 of catching up!



Wednesday, July 7, 2021

July Is Here! How Did That Happen? OMG, Block Count, And Finally Finished!

July already? How did that happen! I don't know about you, but the older I get the faster the year goes! This month is, for me, an anxious month. My hubby starts his new job in Franklin Ky and we have be looking for a home somewhere around the Bowling Green area. We've been packing everyday and now have a house full of boxes! I'm embarrassed to say I don't feel like I've made a dent in my art studio!

I make a point to sew everyday, it calms me...most days! I say most days because I'm working on Jelly Snowflake again and again it's giving me fits! I had this as my OMG for March and didn't finish because my Tiara 3 Long arm wouldn't cooperate. I decided to try again to get it out of the way for the tentative move and I've found a way to make it work most of the time. I'm making this my One Monthly Goal, to finish the quilting on the snowflake quilt! Next month my OMG will probably be to hide all those threads! 😆

Here's a close up of some of my stitches. I saw this pattern on Angela Walters Free Motion Challenge, the link takes you to her video. If you are wanting to learn how to quilt or add more variety to your repertoire check out Angela's videos! And don't forget to print out the diagram and tip sheet. She really is great at helping new quilters!

 Look at all those threads! EEEK I think that will be a good distraction on our ride to Bowling Green. It's at least 2 hours away and hubby will be driving, a great way to spend my time productively and get my daily sewing in!

Here is another close up of my Paisley Feathers. Not as smooth as I would like, but considering having to deal with skipped stitches I'm fine with it.
As much as I would love to say I will have the binding put on too, I don't want to push it! I think I'll be lucky to get it quilted!!!

I want to say if you are on the fence about playing along in OMG, you really should! I find it helps keep me on track, motivated and gets me blogging, introduces me to other quilt bloggers and there are prizes!!! I'm happy to say I won a $25 gift card to Fat Quarter Shop!!! I feel like I'm a winner ever time I get a project complete!I 

Here are updated posts of my journal pages for tracking "my sew everyday" and projects in the works.

These 2 pages are my new starts for 2021.

This page gives me a more detailed snapshot of the projects.
My pages with all my WIPS! How embarrassing!

Do you keep track of your daily habit, like sewing everyday?

Last months block count is 4! Yes only 4 blocks, but I did get 4 shirts done and finally completed the Out Of This World quilt!!!! I've also been sketching, doing the ICAD Index-Card-A-Day by Daisy Yellow. In the next couple days I'll post what I have done so far. I must admit I haven't worked on it everyday, but the last few days I've been getting better!

I hope you had a productive June and your July is even more eventful!


Duke had a hard day hiding for the noisy booms of fireworks.
 I'm sorry to say I missed out on the OMG for this month. Hopefully next month!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

My OMG Finished Early And A Tutorial On Binding

 I'm so happy to say I finished my OMG!!!! Early in fact! I also took the time to take photos so I could give a tutorial on binding a quilt. I know, I know there are so many tutorials out there but It seems to be the one thing that people are looking for the most. And since I don't put binding on near enough to remember, having it posted here will help me find it easier!!! 😆

Here is my finished Out Of This World Quilt bound and ready for college! 

Check others finishes by heading to Elm Street Quilt!

This post is heavy with photos in hopes to help you as much as possible.

From the very first quilt I made I have done the binding with a flange, extra color is always a good thing!!! It's also done with the sewing hand sewing! I'm not good at hand sewing (but I'm working on it this year!) and I want to get the quilts done as fast as possible so I can get on with the next one!

I had the binding already done so I don't have photos of the making of that, but it's two strips the wider one is the flange color and the narrow is the binding. The flange is 1 3/4" and the binding is 1 3/8" sewn together the length of the strips. Iron the flange up to the outer binding. Fold your binding, wrong sides together and have the raw edges line up, iron to give it a crease and hold the fold. Your flange should be peeking out when looking at the top of the binding. 

The dark blue fabric is the outer part of my binding and the orange is the flange.

Starting at the middle edge of the quilt and having a tail of about 8" to 12" of the binding free (you'll need it to attach it to the other end) lay the outer part of your binding (raw edge) to the backside raw edge of your quilt. What you see is the flange and the back of my quilt. I use clips to hold it all the way around the quilt.

At the first corner (actually all the corners!) you fold the binding so that it is even with the edge of the quilt and crease the 45 degree fold.

Then you fold it back so that the next fold is even with the first edge of the quilt.

See how it the binding follows the quilt>>>

Below I show how I use the clips to hold the corner in place.


 Continue around the quilt doing the other 3 corners the same way.



 With the binding clipped on and having a gap between where you started and ended attaching the binding, about 12" you should have extra binding on both ends. Starting around where the clip is, sew the binding to the quilt using 1/4" seem allowance and back stitch in the beginning and end. Remember don't sew the gap to give you room to work on attaching the ends.

 Now here is the part that I need a refresher every time I bind a quilt! Attaching the ends!!!

  Cut a section off (it doesn't have to be very big). We are going to use the piece to give us the width of the binding and help connect the ends.

Lay the tails of the strips over each other (the bottom strip is peaking out to know where it is) and unfold the piece you just cut off. Place it vertically (notice the fold) over the two strips.>>>

One end of the piece will line up with the bottom  strip that is peaking out. 


You will cut the top strip where the other end of the piece is...Be sure to cut the top strip and not the bottom!

<<<Here is the binding after cutting the strip. The cut piece is laying on top to the right.


 Unfold the binding end and fold the one end 45 degree so that the top corner folds down to the edge. Finger press to make a crease. Notice that your outer binding is the small triangle at the top.

Open up the binding ends and pin the top flange corner to the top main binding corner, right sides together.

Notice where my fingers are pinched in the photo below.

To make sure you have it right before sewing, pin along the crease and open. The binding should line up.

I use clips to hold the binding in place.

Sew along the crease. Notice you are sewing like you sewn your binding together. If you see the binding is forming an "A", you are sewing the line that crosses the A! 

Notice the bottom corner is following the center line of the 1/4" washi...This stuff works great! I love it for HST!!!

The "A" is crossed! The other crease you see is when I did it wrong! Thank goodness I pinned first and fixed my mistake before sewing!!!!

Fold the binding back together and check that the flange is lined up and the binding fits against the quilt.



<<< I love when the flange lines up!!!


Unfold the binding again...


it's safe to cut the excess off.

 Then open seam and iron flat.



Lay flat against the quilt and continue/finish sewing the binding down.

Fold the binding over to the front of the quilt, clipping it down as you go around. You want the binding to be right up against the edge of the quilt.

To miter the corner fold flat past the corner.


Then finger press the other side over to give the nice finished corner. Clip to hold it in place.


Continue around until it's all folded over and ready to sew down.

Your top thread should match the flange color and the bobbin should match your backing. I'm using Aurifil #2277 Light Red Orange on top and #2783 Medium Delft Blue in the bobbin.


You will stitch on the flange close to the outer binding. On this quilt the flange is the orange and the blue to the right is the outer binding.






Sew all the way around until you come to the beginning.



And you are done!!! On to the next project! who am I kidding, I have several going at a time! Doesn't everyone!!!

I hope you find this technique useful! I would love to hear how you do yours and if you ever tried to do it all by machine.

This is the You Tube video I watch when I try and remember how to join the binding...

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again!



Monday, June 7, 2021

June's OMG, My Block Count So Far And Sewing Clothes

 One of the things I wanted to do better was blogging...I failed! I missed the last couple months of joining OMG. But it just means I need to try again and harder to stay on track! 

For my OMG I want to get my son's Out Of This World Quilt finished. All that is left is trimming and binding. I figure if I want to get it done in time for him to take it to college with him this fall I need to get it done and out of the way now!

Since I have it on the table I might as well get started and get it trimmed! I also noticed I still have threads that need to be hidden. I had a lot of trouble with the thread breaking so there is more than usual. The OMG is run by Elm Street Quilts and I strongly urge you to play along. It helps me complete projects and get those ducks back in a row. Until the next squirrel comes running by!!!

This is a page from my 2019 journal.

Did you catch what I said... My son starts College this fall! I'm not dealing with it very well. Last month was prom and graduation. Here's my sweet boy at the prom...


They had their prom outside so we opted for a sports jacket instead of a tuxedo. We figured he could use it later.

The size of his class was 135 and that was also held outside. I'm so proud at how well he has done. He graduated with a weighted GPA of around 5! We'll know for sure when he gets his grades.

The next months coming up will involve packing and getting him ready for his next chapter. 😭

and ours.


 I'm playing along with Prairie Moon Quilts and I am keeping track of my block count for the year and as of the end of May I have only made 95 blocks. 

But I did complete a 42" Square table topper/wall hanging that I was a tester for Jen of Patterns by Jen. She's taking time off and I'm not sure when she will post the pattern and the testers quilts so I won't post it here yet. I also made several blocks for Home Is... by Pat Sloan. I am behind, I need to finish 5 more blocks. So hopefully I can get that done this month too.

I've also made 6 shirts! I found Love Notions Sewing Patterns and they make clothing patterns. I haven't made clothes since I was in my 20's and it wasn't many. So I consider myself a beginner. But these patterns are easy to follow and I feel so proud of myself! One of the last shirts I made was the Rhapsody...

I love it! And so does Gracie, or maybe it's just the attention she was getting.

As for my PHD progress...Lets refer to the squirrels! I was distracted and didn't complete any of my projects, but I have moved them along! 

I think that's about it for now. I'll try to do better at getting my blog out. I have several new quilt ideas I plan on writing up and making them, maybe I should get a tester or two? So for now, Have a great day, week, month!