Sunday, November 22, 2020

Crisp Fall Days... A Delayed Post

 First I must mention that I started this posts the end of October! I thought I posted it and was side tracked by my mom becoming ill and in the hospital.

 Are you having cool days in your area? If you are, are you enjoying it? My windows are open and I find myself walking around the veggie garden over and over. I picked the majority of tomatoes even though they were still green. I'm having a time with snails this year and I don't want them or the cold get them before I do! Inside I have several projects going and I thought I'd share some with you!

First, I started the Stitch Pink QAL. I try to resist, but I do love a QAL and I have this beautiful fabric I've been holding onto, Tickled Pink. I love the dusty rose and raspberry colors in this line. Even the browns have a tint of rose in them. I bought it when it was discounted and now I wish i could have bought more...I'm thinking of the borders. But it'll come together. Here are some blocks that I've done so far...

Second is my design. I'm making it for our friends son who just graduated with a degree in Marine Biology. I've always been interested in marine life and have collected sea creature fabric for awhile. I wanted something that would showcase the fabric and this design does that. It will be great for your favorite fabrics with large prints. Here are a few blocks I have done so far...

I have borders to add to some and I have about 5 more blocks to do then I can start putting them all together. I'm very excited about how this is coming out! I can't wait to show you and will be writing up a pattern for it!

 Of course I had to quilt a long with Pat Sloan's latest QAL, Cozy Things! She just released block #5 this past Wednesday.  Her blocks are still available so you still have time to join in!

I'm using a fat quarter bundle I purchased at Fat Quarter Shop when it was on their flash sale...I love a bargain! It's Deer Christmas by Moda and I added Cat-I-Tude Christmas by Benartex (a pink snowflake with lots of movement), Fall Into Winter by Michael Miller (the pretty green center in the second block) and the background is a white on white snowflake that I had on hand, no id on the edge sorry. I wish it did I would have bought more if it's still available!


Another QAL I'm working on is Edyta Sitar's Alaska Quilt. You need the pattern, which I had for awhile. I figured I would get more done if I played along. I wish she posted every other week. I find many of the blocks are very involved and take me longer than I like, but I love her quilts and I'm determined to finish one of them!


I'm also making the Jelly Snowflake with Pat Sloan. I added triangles to the center square of the star block. I believe they call it a snowball block. I love it but it took longer to complete. Which made me fall behind and now it's over. I also got stalled on the 4th block since I wanted to change that one too along with adding a center block. I hope to get it done for the winter, we shall see!

Can you believe this Thursday is Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful day of fun, food and family! See ya later,


Saturday, October 3, 2020

It's October! OMG For October And A Finish!

Happy October! How's the weather in your world? It's chilly here. Wonderful for cozying up with a quilt and watching some old TV shows. But who has time for that! There are quilts to be made, binding to be added, designs to be put to paper and quilting to be done!
For this months OMG I would like to finish my Jelly Snowflake. The Fat Quarter Shop ran the quilt-a-long in July and Pat Sloan is running it again. I wanted to do the QAL when the Fat Quarter Shop was running it, but I had a few too many projects going. But then I always have too many projects in the works! ahahaha I wouldn't have it any other way! When Pat said she was running the QAL again I figured now was a good time. She started it September 8 and ran until October 6. I know, only a few days left and I only have the first blocks done and over half of the second blocks done. I decide to change them a little and it caused more work, but I don't mind and it makes it even more unique. I also plan on changing the other blocks too, so I know I won't get it done by the 6th! I do plan on having it pieced by the end of the month though! That's my goal! 


On the finished side...

 Kitty and Pumpkin, my design that I started last year! I put it aside since I didn't complete it for Halloween and so many other projects  awaited my attention. Now I'm waiting for a wall mounted quilt rack to hang it up on. I plan on using the rack to hang small holiday and seasonal quilts on. I guess I better get busy making more wall hangings!

I enjoyed quilting it. I added texture like hairs  on the kitty, veins in the leaves and swirls in the sky to give movement. I put buttons for the pumpkins eyes and filled in the mouth except for the lower part to give the look of a tongue. I used Aurifil thread in 2692-Black, 2890-Very Dark Grass Green, 2135-Yellow, 2235-Orange, 2425-Bright Pink,  2715-Robin Egg and the bobbin thread was 2600-Dove. 

I've also linked up with For The Love Of Geese and her Put Your Foot down! Join in, it's on Thursdays!!! And Free Motion Mavericks!!!

For the love of geese


Time to get back to designing my next wall hanging!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Color Challenge!

 This is my month of Jen's Color Challenge! This month is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet or the color olive green.

This is a wonderful block and not as hard as you might think! I think a whole quilt of this block in different colors would be so beautiful!

I like to match up the threads to each months block so that if I decide to quilt it with the coordinating threads I already know what colors I need. My go to thread is Aurifil 40wt. The bottom thread color is 2887 Very Dark Olive and the second is 2890 Very Dark Grass Green, but I think 2892 Pine would be a better match. Sounds like a good reason to buy more thread!

Head to Jen's blog to get the directions for this months block and then to the other fine quilters for their blocks

Jen Shaffer of Patterns By Jen


Fawn Benzing of Quilty Creations By Fawn

Roseanne Nelson of Home Sewn By Us

Stephanie Jacobson of Steph Jacobson Designs

 Alla Bianca of Rainbows. Bunnies. Cupcakes

 Kathy Bruckman of Kathy's Kwilts And More

Kathy Nester of Penny For My Thoughts 

Joanne Hubbard of Everyone Deserves A Quilt 


Sponsors October thru December

Said With Love - PDF Pattern

For The Love Of Geese - PDF Pattern 

P&B Textiles - Fabric Bundle of over 60 fat quarters

Quilters Dream Batting - Dream Blend - 70% Cotton 30% Poly - 60" x 60"

Warm Company - Warm and Plush - 45" x 60"

Warm Company - 1 package of Lite Steam -A- Seam 2

Island Batik - 3 1/2 yards of assorted fabric

Patterns By Jen - Superior Thread S-Fine 50

Patterns By Jen - PDF Pattern

Wow those are some great sponsors! So don't forget to share your block for a chance to win.

I hope your October is wonderful! See you later!


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Foster Fail #2 Introducing Duke!

I've been working on my laptop the last few days loading programs (EQ8 and Photoshop) and photos from my phone. It's smaller than my old laptop but I'm liking it a lot better. It also can turn into a tablet. I'm not sure why I would want it as a tablet, but I guess I'll figure that out later. Anyway I loaded the photos from my phone and now I can share our latest foster dog Hondo. We are planning on keeping him and waiting for word back about the adoption. We really don't think Hondo fits for him and have started calling him Duke. Duke is an Akbash. They are from Turkey and are similar to Great Pyrenees in many ways. They tend to be taller and leaner than Great Pyrenees and have shorter hair. But both are guardian dogs that are independent and have a tendency to bark a lot. So here's Duke!

<---This is Duke on his way home with us on July 30, the day before hubby and my 27th Anniversary. He was looking rough and was so underweight! He weighed in at 88.5 lbs and he should be 115 at least! ^ The photo above was the first couple of days. He pretty much stayed near me so he could keep an eye on me. He bonded with me on the car ride home, but was afraid of everyone else. He wasn't socialized and everything frightened him. He would get scared and unable to move so I would go to him and say "walk with me" and he would follow. It took him 2 1/2 weeks to get use to hubby and he's still having a hard time taking to Timmy. 


It was 8-9-20 when he first started to play. Gracie was trying to get him to play with her since day one. He would watch her play with toys and finally he picked up the toy and made it squeak. He liked it so much he kept squeaking it. Pretty soon most of the toys were around our dining room table since that was his safe place to go. He learned a lot from just watching Gracie. He watches Timmy and Gracie interact and we're hoping that will help him come out of his shell and trust Timmy.

As you can see Duke is the larger dog. Also Gracie who is a Great Pyrenees has the longer hair.




Poor Duke doesn't like thunderstorms and will squeeze between my chair and the ottoman. Especially when I'm sitting there. 








Gracie and Duke, they are so sweet together!




Duke likes going wherever I go, but usually gets car sick, poor puppy.


Gracie and Duke, partners in crime.





 I think he looks stunning!








Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you about Duke!


Sunday, September 20, 2020

End Of Summer

Where did the summer go!

As for my OMG from August I'm still working on it. Yes I know it's almost the end of September! I had some issues, besides having my son always in my studio doing his school work I had issues with skipped stitches. Of course when you put things off there will be problems! I'm not sure if it was me, my machine, batting or the backing I was using. The batting is a less expensive muslin I bought online from Marshall Dry Goods, it's good for trying out patterns for clothes without using your expensive fabric. The batting I'm using is a thin batting and the thread is Aurifil, but in a 40 weight for the top thread. With all these things it's why I have a headache from the skipped stitches. But as far as the muslin, I'm happy with it. I used it to make the pillow, the back of the quilted top and the back of the pillowcase, all for the dog so I don't want to use expensive fabric. I'm also going to use it on the back of two wall hangings that I'll share later.


I'm not too crazy how I quilted this, but I had to stitch close since it's for Gracie our dog and I want to make sure it stays secure. It gave me ideas how I will quilt my bed quilt that has the same material from Tula Pink in it. It's huge and heavy and I'm having a hard time spray basting it since I hang them on the wall to do that. I may have to lay it on the floor and spray baste it like that, but my knees are already crying about the thought of that!

I have some happy news on Tuesday my new laptop will be here. My other laptop died on me in February and then March brought Covid-19 (son home daily and using my studio for school) so it's been hard for me to get on my computer that is in my studio to do much blogging. I tried doing as much as I could on my phone then get on the computer and polish it up, but that got old very quick! I thought about getting my laptop fixed and I still might, but I'm thinking it's the motherboard and I'm not sure they can fix or replace that in the laptop...I will have to ask my computer guy. Anyway, I have Gracie's Improve Quilt to post and give you instruction on that and I'll have an update on our newest foster dog. I have a couple other quilt designs I want to work on EQ8 to finish, so a new laptop will be a lifesaver for me!


Here is a sneak peek at our latest foster...though it looks like we may be keeping him!

I hope your Sunday and the rest of the week will be wonderful for you. Enjoy the cooler temperatures if you got 'em! Fall never seems to last long enough does it!?


Friday, August 7, 2020

August! Time for OMG

 WOW, did I fail keeping up my blog or what! But I have good reason, I've been fostering a Great Pyrenees puppy! I'll have to post more about him later and about our newest foster. For now I just wanted to post my OMG for this month since I've been MIA the last few months.

I haven't been able to find a pillow big enough or fluffy enough for Gracie...well at least one I wouldn't have to break the bank to afford it! My husband suggested I make her one so here is the top I came up with....

 Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal August Link-up

I'm calling it Gracie's Semi-improve Log Cabin Quilt. But instead of a quilt it'll be a quilted pillow top. My OMG is to finish the pillow this month! I used left over fabric from my Stay@Home QAL Pat Sloan hosted in April. But really I have so much more Tula Pink fabric left I can make another queen size quilt...OK a king size! The solid is Kona Cotton in black. I've written up some basic rules/directions that I followed so it's not completely improvised and would resemble a log cabin block. I'll post the instructions soon! Be sure to follow my blog so you won't miss out on it or if your interested in what's going on with my fostering efforts, which very well could be another foster fail!

Hope to see you again!


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What To Do When Your Heart Is Broken

March was a horrible month. The 9th was the worse day I've had since my dad pasted in 1996.  If you follow my blog you'll know that my dog Indy had hurt his knee and had to have 3 surgeries. Well, on the morning of March 9th the vet called and had to talk about Indy's progress. It sounded serious, I thought they were going to tell me they would have to take his leg. Unfortunately it was much worse. His leg wasn't healing and he was having secondary issues. To make a long story short I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my protector, my constant companion. I cried. I cried all day for days. I cried constantly. At one point I had no tears left to cry. Indy was an amazing dog, the best dog I've ever owned or known. I still picture him sitting on our hill keeping a look out and protecting every ones yard. This blog was started just before we got him and if you want to see him as a puppy and hear a bit more about him go here or check on the blog archive toward the bottom.
I decided to help me deal with his untimely passing I would do the 100 day project. Everyday I would work on a picture of Indy. Some would be quick, some would take days, some would just be line drawings and others would be colored pencil. I even plan to try a quilt art with thread painting of him. So far I've finished a few before the 100 day project started and one after...not too good so far, but that's okay.
The other thing I wanted to do to help me through this was to foster Great Pyrenees dogs through the National Great Pyrenees Rescue. That is how I heard about the breed and if it wasn't for NGPR I would never have thought to get Indy. Indy wasn't a rescue we bought him from a goat farm that breed their working dogs. I signed up and was finally given the green light.
We picked up our first foster on April 9th. Her name is Gracie and she was surrendered because of behavior problems. I'm going to say the behavior problems must have been them, because she's a sweetheart! She wasn't good with sit, down or come but after just a short time she learned them and has been a perfect lady. She has become very attached to me and has followed me everywhere. Today was the first day she went downstairs to lay, probably because it was cooler. She gets very excited when my husband comes home, which has captured my husband's heart. So much so that he doesn't want to let her we adopted her! Yes a foster fail!. I know since she's been with us I'm able to talk about Indy without too many tears. Every now and than I still tear up, but not like before. She's a lot smaller than Indy, only weighing in at 80lbs. I think it's funny when people say she's a big dog. Indy weighed 135lbs, though he was overweight and definitely caused more problems with his knee.
Meet Gracie, isn't that face the sweetest! And can you see those eyelashes!

Now for my OMG for May. Since everything went bad in March and April was about adding a new friend to the family my OMG for May is completing the Cutting Corners quilt. Originally I was going to finish it and give it to the vet when we brought Indy home. Now I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I may just sell it, I know I can't keep it and I feel weird about giving it to the vet and having it be a reminder of Indy for him. All know is I need to get it completed and out of here. So my OMG is to complete my Cutting Corners quilt. I am doing a different layout than MSQC and I hope it comes out like I'm picturing it in my head. Here's a picture of what I have going on with it. You can see the center on the table and I think I have an idea of the way it will all go together...we'll see!

Since I already have a long blog post I show the rest of the projects I've been working on in a couple of days. 
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and may all your UFOs be few!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

March's OMG

I'm so excited to finally get my OMG in on time!!! I love playing along because it helps me stay focused on what I need to work on. Otherwise I'm chasing squirrels!
This month I have two projects that need to get completed. The one I'll be focused on is my Cutting Corners Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company (Here is the video tutorial) I started about a week ago using River Valley by Island Batiks, aren't they scrumptious! The solid is Bella Solids in Prussian Blue. I'd like to have it completed and ready to give the vet when I get to bring Indy home, more on that at the end of this post. But mainly I want to have the top done. It's going pretty quickly and getting it actually quilted depends on my second project I need to complete this month, fixing up a wall in the garage to spray baste my quilts on instead of crawling around the floor. If you're one of the few that follow my blog you may remember I hurt my knee the beginning of the year and though it's feeling better I don't want to tempt fate and try to crawl on the concrete floor. Plus it's still a cold floor and the thought of being on it doesn't give me a whole lot of ambition to get my quilts basted! This project will go better if my hubby helps and since I can't guarantee he'll be able to help I won't use it as my OMG. 
Here is pictures of my Cutting Corners blocks I have done so far.

Now for the update on Indy. If you are interested in what has happen so far go here. He had to have a third surgery on his left leg because he started pulling out the inner stitches again. This time they put a rod to help hold his leg in line, because of this he will be staying at the vets for 6 weeks. It's going to be a looong time away from my fluffy baby! They got a cart for him to help him exercise his leg without putting too much weight on it. They also have a water treadmill to help in his rehab. But what is really amazing is the Doc has capped our bill from the second surgery so the third was done at no charge!
Here's a picture of Indy and me at our last visit.

I hope you're March is wonderful and you make a lot of progress on your projects!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Me And My Dog

Today I'm thinking of my Indy. He's my Great Pyrenees and he's my buddy. He's on my mind a lot lately because he had to have knee surgery this past week, then back in because he blew all the work the vet did and have it redone along with the other knee. He weighs 135 pounds and his right knee had a partial tear so when he tried to put all his weight on the recently repaired leg it couldn't hold up. The vet said it would be better to do both knees and he would have to stay there at least 3 weeks. 
Here's a picture of me and Indy, taken a few years ago. He's such a good dog, and smart! Scary smart!!!  
This is him after his surgery. I love his smile! He was happy to be back home after spending two nights at the vet. I hope he's as happy with me after 3 weeks! They trimmed all he's hair, even his mane! He hasn't had that short of hair since he was a puppy!
Here are a few more pics taken 

 Indy gets tired of waiting for me to go, so he picks up his leash and takes himself! hahaha

Our house is on a hill and because we are the second house we view several back yards. Indy thinks they are his to protect and he does it very well with his deep baritone bark.

Thank you for visiting and listening to me go on about my buddy. I have faith he'll be fine and home in no time. Sometimes you just need to daydream and look at old photos. 
Enjoy your day and next time I'll post the blocks I just finished up. 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

OMG! I Missed Out!

I always think I have more days than I actually do! Do you do that too?
I have a few projects I've fallen behind on so it was a toss up of what I wanted to get caught up in. I chose Seeing Stars by Butterfly Threads. I have months 1 and 2 done and a couple of month 3s blocks completed. This past Thursday she released the 6th months block.
Here is what I have so far...
Don't you love the batiks! They are by Edyta Sitar, I love everything she touches!!! 
I'm hoping to be caught up so that when next months blocks are released I'm ready! 

I love linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts! It motivates me to get my projects done!!! Check out her page and try it out!!! Hopefully I can get my blog posted in time next month.
See ya later,

Saturday, February 1, 2020

February's Monthly Color Challenge

Today is the 1st of the month and that means... Patterns By Jen's Monthly Color Challenge!!! To get the pattern for this block head over to Jen's blog.
This month's colors are Light Aqua and Dark Aqua. Don't you just love these colors! I do!!! So without further ado, here's my block...
I also picked out my Aurifil thread I'll be using when I quilt it. They are 5006 Light Turquoise and 2810 Turquoise. I love Aurifil and I should be able to match all the colors, but if not what better reason to buy more!
I finally got the rest of my fabric for my blocks. Yellow isn't my favorite color so I didn't have the right colors for January's block. Now I do and I'll be making that block very soon! I'm working in Batiks because I simply LOVE batiks and the way they blend well together.
And here is links to the rest of the participating bloggers/instagramers for February.
 So check out these wonderful ladies sites and check out their block for this month! Oh and did I mention...there are prizes!!! Check out Jen's blog for all the details!
I'll be back later to show my January block! See ya soon!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

January's OMG Finished!

Can you believe it's almost February! January just flew by!!! But I did get my OMG finished! Originally I wasn't sure I would like the lavender sashing, but after I got it all together I'm very pleased with it.

This top is from Pat Sloan's QAL called Winter Fun. Now to get the back done so I could get it quilted!

Here is another QAL I'm working on...or falling behind on! But these are small block (3") and they go together pretty quickly. Here is what I have so far.
This is Kathryn Kerr's 365 Challenge. Check out her site and the finished quilt! It's amazing!!! The finished quilt is 90" square. Most blocks are 3" or 6" and a few 12" blocks. You have to sign up and you get alerts everyday for the daily block. They are available for 3 months so if you are forgetful or are doing so many QALs you forget where you have to visit you can get your missing blocks.

So that's it for up is Pattern By Jen's Color Challenge. I'm one of the blogger's participating in posting the block and February is my month!!! There is still time to get January's block, so head over to Jen's blog and check it out!

Keep stitching and see ya soon!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

New Year and New Sew Alongs!

Pat Sloan's SALs starting this month are Out West it's a monthly sew along and she posts the new blocks the 1st of the month. Her next one she's hosting is with Aurifil (I love their thread!!!) They post on the 15th of the month and feature a different designer that Pat interviews. Her regular QAL is called Childhood Games and starts the 29 of this month and runs every Wednesday until May 27. The blocks will be various sizes and will measure 60x70 approximately. I love doing a quilt with different size blocks! And finally she is doing a quick scrap buster that's running from January 1 through the 15 and it's called Traffic Jam. She has a free pattern to use up those little squares! I don't have much scraps yet so I didn't participate in this one.

But I am doing the others! And here is my first block for the Out West SAL!
I chose the Adventure Awaits bundle that was available at Fat Quarter Shop. I just love the teal and peach colors!! This block is called Movies. Some of my favorite western movies were the ones I watched with my dad... A Fist Full Of Dollars, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and pretty much any John Wayne movie!

Well that's it for today. I'll be back with some of the other Quilt A Longs I'm participating in and the fabric I picked for the Childhood Games QAL!!!
Until then, Keep Stitchin'!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Welcome 2020

I know it's already a week into the new year, but it's been crazy busy around here. Also I hurt my knee the other day and it's been difficult getting anything done! I had it all planned to spray baste several of my quilts while we had that crazy warm weather, unfortunately I had to sprain my knee first! So no getting on the hard concrete garage floor and basting the quilts...maybe I can persuade my sweet hubby to help me. 

On to the main purpose of this post...January OMG! I'm determined to participate every month this year!
 Patty at Elm Street Quilts hosts this every month and there are wonderful prizes just for participating! 
I love playing along because it motivates me to get things finished and anything that will help finish a project is wonderful! This month I want to get Pat Sloan's QAL Winter Fun top completed. I just have to get the sashing on. I've been working on it this week and finished up the last block yesterday so it shouldn't take too long to complete.

This was the last block I finished. It's actually block #7. I thought I had it done then found out when I was ready to put the sashing on I was missing this block!

Here's a photo of the blocks and sashing...

I love the fabric! It has metallic silver and gold snowflakes and it's Batik!!!! Yum!

Start thinking about what you want to complete for next months OMG link up! You'll be glad you did!!!
I have more to chat about (2020 QALs!), but I'll save it for another day. I hope you visit again or better yet sign up and don't miss a post!
Happy New Year!

Monday, November 4, 2019

November's OMG and another Winter Fun Block

It's amazing how fast this year is going! Can you believe it's November! The holidays are now upon us! I love this time of year! I don't know about your weather, but ours has been crazy. One minute it's in the 90's and now it's in the 40's! Our leaves are finally changing, we didn't think they would with all the hot, dry weather we were having. 

So on to my One Monthly Goal...For November I want to finish my Ultimate Beginners Quilt  that was hosted by Fat Quarter Shop. I need to do the last three blocks and put the sashing on. I'm making this for a children's charity that our guild donates to. I'm happy how it's turning out, it could be because I love the Finding Nemo and Dory movies.
 Here's my 6 finished blocks
and here is my three blocks with the fabric picked for each block. 

 On to Pat Sloan's Winter Fun QAL. I finished up on Block 4 Baking Cookies. I'm enjoying the QAL, the blocks are going together very easy. This is one of my favorite blocks....
I do love the Bear Paw! 

Well that's it for today! I hope I'll have a finished UBQ top to show you at the end of the month. But I should be posting more Winter Fun blocks and some other QAL's (I couldn't resist) in the next few weeks, so see you then!
Happy Fall Y'all!!!!