Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Beautiful Weather and More Blocks!

I can't believe how beautiful the past few days have been! It's been going down in the 50's at night, so of course the windows are open! Last night I was serenaded by cows! YES COWS! I could hear them mooing and it sounded like they were right in my back yard, but they weren't. The wind must have been blowing from the east or something!!! We have a farm across the main road from our home and more farms on the other side of the golf course so I'm sure it was from one of those places. I never heard cows in Florida. We lived in Pinellas county and while I know there were horses I have never seen a cow there. The same where I grew up in New Jersey. We were in central New Jersey close to the ocean. I don't remember any farms close by or hearing about any farm land...just the suburbs. So hearing the cows always makes me smile. I would love to live on a farm and raise goats and chickens. Maybe one day... After I convince my husband it's an absolutely awesome idea!!! He's all city boy, born and raised in Tampa FL. oh well there may be hope, you always have to have hope!

Now for the fun part!!!! BLOCKS! I finished another block for In The Summer Time by Pat Sloan. I thought I was only behind a few blocks. Well! I couldn't be more wrong!!!! I just finished block 12 and todays release was block 18! Oh man do I have some work to do! Two more blocks and it's time for the borders and quilting! EEEEK! This has gone so fast! But never fear, the Let's Go Camp QAL is still going, at least for 3 more months! This QAL is also one of Pat's. Plus on the 14th of June she is hosting another Splendid Sampler QAL, but this is with her new book! Even though the book hasn't been released yet you can QAL from 20 patterns from the book...for FREE! I believe by the time you get to the end the book will be released and then they will continue the QAL from the book. Sounds like fun! Sorry I got off track! Here is block #12 Family Reunion
No my family reunions weren't horrible and shark infested! This quilt is mainly for Little T to remember our summers...and me and hubby too! We went to the Mote
Marine Laboratory and Aquarium (I mentioned it in my last post) This is an awesome place! In one part they had the sea turtles like I posted last and in another is the sharks! I have always been interested in sharks, to the point of wanting to study them!!! So this block is for our time spent watching these marvelous predators swimming about!

Photos by Sheila 2011
Here, Little T is watching one of the sharks. He kept coming around so he must really like the attention. Or he's very hungry and we looked appetizing! Whatever the case he was very entertaining to watch.

NOW for the Let's Go Camping blocks! These blocks will be assembled on point. I'm very excited about this! I haven't done a quilt on point yet!!! This is a monthly Quilt A Long so I'm right on time with it!! Just haven't kept up with posting them.

Block #3 Animal Crossing
I'm very happy with this one! I've always wanted to do a Bear Paw block!

Block #4 What You Take
Another fun block! I'm so proud of points are still there!

Block #5 Things You Do
Another block I've been wanting to do! and I still have my points!!!

Block #6 Stirring The Pot
Interesting block and a lot of fun putting together!

Here they are all together on the back of another quilt. This is how they will lay out. As you can see Mittens had to get in there! He was actually laying on the blocks and mushing them up on me! Stinker!!! I have material with eagles and mountains on it that I'm thinking would be a good back ground, but I'll wait to see how things go.

I've been trying to put sewing into my daily routine. I've been doing pretty good about it until today. I do plan on getting some strips cut so that if I have a minute I can at least sew something together, even if it's only 2 inches! And who knows tonight isn't over with yet!!! ;)

So this is more blocks and this is me!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Long time, no blogging!

It's been awhile since I've posted quilt blocks or talked about life in general! My mom had a bad winter, catching every bug and virus that came her way! She just got over pneumonia and that really took a lot out of her! The end of March meant my little guy turned 15 years old!!!! Geez NOW I feel old! He's taller than me now, though I am short (5'3") I'm hoping he takes after daddy (6'3") but little T thinks he'll be short. You know how teenagers are, not happy unless they are thinking everything is doom and gloom!

As for my quilt blocks... get ready there is a bunch!

We'll start with Pat Sloan's In the Summertime. I'm doing it mostly in Batiks and the solid is Kona Cotton in Champagne;

Block 3 "Reading Books"
I enjoyed this block very much. It reminded me of the Fridays at the library with Little T. He has always loved books, thank goodness he still does! In 7th grade he was reading at an above 12th grade level!  
Block 4 "Meet You At The Drive In"
Remember we are from Florida and sitting outside in the summer heat and humidity wasn't what we called fun. So I did a block of our day at the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota FL. They rescue Turtles and other sea life and protect the sea turtles nesting area. Little T loved going through the safety net for the turtles!

Block 5 "Ice Cream Love"
We didn't go get ice cream too much...At least I can't remember it! Little T and I would go to the yogurt self serve place that was near the movie theater after seeing a summer movie. So instead I did another one for the gardens. We would go on hikes too and see all the native flora and fauna. I loved it! Here Little T is checking out the poster to see what we may see on our little hike.

Block 6 "Summer Stars"
I remember our summer nights having the night sky full of dragonflies! I use to love watching them dart around!
Block 7 "Splish Splash"
One of our Adventures was to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It's more of a hospital for the rescued sea life. Their goal is to return the animals to the sea, but sometimes it isn't possible. Like in the case of Winter. You may have seen the movie, well, we saw Winter! And little T loved him! Notice the soft animal in his's a Winter stuffy! We went back again so I'm sure I'll do another block of dolphins!
Block 8 "Vacations"
We didn't go on any long vacations. We would do short day trips to the beach, aquariums, museums and parks. This block is of the beaches Clearwater, Casperson, and Sarasota!
Block 9 "Games of Summer"
In 1989 St. Pete Florida got their Major League Baseball team, the Devil Rays! This was before little T was born, but hubby and I had season tickets the first year! Later on when our sweet baby came along he got to go see them too. 
Cheesy Monkey!
Block 10 "Rain Drops"
Anyone who has spent any time in Florida knows it rains, daily! Then there is the hurricanes and well more rain! The good thing was if it rained during the day (usually the same time every day...4pm) it was only for a short period of time. The bad thing was the humidity that came from it! I feel myself melting just thinking about it!!! But oh how it made those tropical plants grow!

Block 11 "Fresh Fruits and Veggies"
My favorite fresh fruit was the strawberries! They came in around February and then they would have the Strawberry Festival! YUM! Little T loved the oranges that grew in the tree in our back yard! I did too!!! I have a couple small fruit trees (orange, lemon and tangerine) here in KY, but as soon as they start doing good it's time to take them in for the winter. And after being outside in the wonderful summer, they don't do too good inside. I'm looking to get a greenhouse this year! Hopefully that will help my tropical plants that we miss so much. 
WELL! That's it for the In The Summer Time Quilt a Long. I need to do three more...oops 4 after tomorrow! Since this was a crazy long post, mostly photo heavy. I think I'll take a break and post the rest of the projects I've done  least I'll try to post the rest tomorrow!
So this is In The Summer Time,
and this is me!

Privacy Policy

Apparently Google says I have to post a notice on this blog...I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about! I don't use advertisers, as far as I know I don't use cookies...I love to eat cookies, but I'm pretty sure that's not what they are talking about. Beyond that I have no idea about the cookie thing! I don't collect peoples names...I think I had one person comment on my blog...pretty sad I know! But I don't personally save any ones name or number or any information for that matter! I just want to write my blog about what has been going on in my little corner of the world. Show the quilt blocks I've been working on and share the Quilt A Longs I'm playing along in. I don't understand how I can be responsible for keeping people who visit my blog safe. Personally I think it should be up to the blog developer...I'm technically savvy enough to get me into trouble! As in loose my blog post before I can publish it...yes I have done that! If you want to know more about Googles EU User consent policy here is the link they gave me... Although I'm not even sure if they can see my blog anymore!  As you can see it isn't that easy to follow, or maybe it's just me and I need a nap, maybe a couple cookies first!
So this is the privacy Policy and
This is me!

Monday, February 12, 2018

What a Week!

Last week seemed to last forever! Both my mom and me started out last Monday sick! By Wednesday the school called for me to pick up little T because he threw up in class! and on Friday they closed the school for illness! Growing up they never closed the school because too many kids got sick, but the last several years I've heard of other schools in Kentucky having to close because of the flu. This is the first time schools in our town had to close, both the local schools and the county schools!!! Scary to think the bugs are getting harder to get rid of that they have to close a school to disinfect them to get rid of whatever the most recent crude going around is!!!! Little T was better than me and mom, his didn't last nearly as long as ours did! Thank goodness! I hate seeing my sweet boy sick.
On the quilting side I have a few blocks and QALs to share.
This one is from Edyta Sitar's Patches of Blue QAL. You need to buy her book to play along in this quilt a long, but like her fabric the book is full of beautiful inspiration!
I actually completed this one on the 1st of February. This is a huge block at 16 1/2" and I think I used too many tan fabrics. So I guess my "Frost" is a little on the thawing out side!!! I'm still happy with how it came out and I'm anxiously waiting for the next block! This QAL is a once a month QAL which makes it easy to keep up with. But it seems like forever for the month to go by...hurry up February 15th! 
On February 4 (right before the crude set in!) there was a Super Bowl Mystery quilt along with Agatha and Sherlock. It ran only the day and I was hoping I could finish it up, well at least the top! It didn't work out that way!!! Now I have an UFO! But I'll work on it on and off between other QALs., I don't have a link for it. Apparently it only stays up for a short time. It was interesting and I may do another, she had others in the past. If you like participating with other quilters on facebook you're out of luck with this one. It was very closed off, I guess because you only had a day to work on it.
My most recent blocks are for Pat Sloan's Quilt a Longs, "In The Summer Time" and "Let's Go Camping". I posted The first blocks in both of these, but the Summer Time one needed it's border so I did that...
At the Beach block #1
I'm using Kona Cotton in Champagne as my background fabric, the color is a little off since I took it inside late last night. I'm using a mix of Batiks and regular cotton fabrics, whatever I could find in the adventures I was looking for!
Here is block #2 Oh The Gardens
We went to a few gardens, but trying to grow anything in Florida during the summer was not so easy. I did have a little area in our backyard that seemed a few degrees cooler. In it I had a big elephant ear type of plant along with some other tropical plants. Little T loved that garden and told me he misses it. I'm trying to grow some tropicals here, but they need to come in for the cold weather and they don't seem to go as big as they did in Florida. Here is Little T in the garden he loved back in 2011. You can see the elephant ear leaves by him, they are huge! I think he liked to pretend he was on safari!!!
Here is block #2 Around the Campfire for Pat's other QAL Let's Go Camping.
The background I'm using for this BOM is Kona Color in Silver and of course the rest is Batiks. Both the QALs are similar in colors, a kind of earthy tones to match the home. I can't remember ever having a campfire. We do have a fire pit in the backyard, it mainly holds Indy's sticks. I tried to tell him they are for a fire, but he thinks he should spread them out through the backyard. Hubby has a time trying to pick them up before mowing, especially if Indy is still outside. It's pretty funny to watch. I've tried to help in the past by picking up the sticks before hubby gets back there and Indy always helps redistributes them!!!
I have to say, I'm really enjoying Pat's QAL In the Summer Time. I found my photos from our adventures in 2011 and was going through them. Seeing my little guy so much smaller just makes me smile! I think I'll scrapbook the pages as we go through this summer time together!
This is me reminiscing and
This is Sheila

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Quilt A Longs!!!

Well, I am happy to say the quilt a longs are really starting up! I'm so excited about Pat Sloan's In the Summer Time QAL and it started today!!!! EEEEEK!!! We use to go some place every week when we lived in Florida, even if it was just the beach... Which happens to be the first block in this QAL!!! We've gone a few places since we've moved to Kentucky, like Mammoth Caves. Wow are they
vast! Back to the QAL... I collected material that represented places we went and things we saw on our adventures over the years and I've been so excited about this QAL since Pat mentioned it back in December that I could barely sleep due to the anticipation!!! So here's my first block...
There is a border that goes around the block, but I'm waiting on the background fabric. The shells and sharks teeth around the block are just a tad bit of the goodies we collected on our days at the beach. Yes I did say sharks teeth, fossilized sharks teeth. One of our favorite beaches was loaded with them! And it was my red headed husbands only favorite beach to go to...he didn't like the beach too much. I would snorkel and the boys would hunt for sharks teeth on the beach. The other wonderful thing about this little beach is it was hardly ever crowded, no condos and they still had sand dunes!!! It was heaven!!! I do miss the beach since living in Kentucky, but that's ok. Their is so many interesting things around here too.
So this is my day at the beach and this is me!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Quilt A Longs!!! I love them!!!

Well! I have all kinds of Quilt A Longs lining up to keep me busy and using up (or giving me reason to buy more) fabric. I wasn't sure if I was going to do the Let's Go Camping that Pat Sloan started the beginning of the month, but after seeing the first block I just couldn't resist! You see I went camping one time...just once. In Florida. In the summer. When it's HOT and the mosquitoes were very prolific! Did you know I can attract every mosquito in a 50 mile radius! At least that's what it seems to me. So, if I ever go camping again it will be in a camper!!! I love being outside, I just don't care to be an insects main course!!! But as I was saying I fell in love with this block. It reminded me of a sunset on a lake and that's how I did mine. I changed up the colors for the "sun" to reds and orange, but will be using the colors she suggested in other blocks. I'll also add these colors somewhere along the journey on our camping expedition. I also don't have any camping themed fabric so I used batiks with more images clearly visible. So here it is...
I really like how it came out. My sunset on the lake! So if y'all would like to enter head on over to her site...You can use the link above or use the link that's connected to Pat Sloan and you can see what other QALs she's doing or has completed. Yes you can get her past quilt a longs!!!!
Well I have a bunch to do...
This is my camp site and This is

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sunday Drive and the treasure that I found!

I never thought I'd be lucky enough to find a great deal, but I did!!! I saw an ad for a vintage Singer sewing machine. It was green and I just fell in love with it. I contacted the person and even though she had the ad out for over a week she still had it!!! So we got together and gave her what she was asking...$27. She didn't know if it worked or not, but I thought for $27 bucks how could I pass it up! We drove almost an hour on Sunday and it was a beautiful drive through the country roads of Kentucky. When we got there I couldn't wait to get it to the car and really look it over. It was dirty and probably would need a good cleaning and oil, but I was thrilled! As soon as I got home I checked the computer to find the year it was made, then to the table to clean it, back to the computer, back to the table...I wanted to do everything all at once!!! So after cleaning and oiling all the parts (I checked the internet for how to oil it) I plugged it in, a little nervous...would it blow up? catch fire? do nothing? Then pressed the petal and wow! It worked!!!! I did smell something from the motor and decided I would have someone look at it that knew more than what I found on the internet. I think it may just be old oil on the motor at least that's what my friend suggested and she has a few antique machines. In fact her husband is going to look at it for me so I'm very happy!!!!
Without much further ado... Introducing "Sigmund" my sea green monster! He is a Singer 185J born in Canada in 1954.
I've read that you are suppose to name them! And one is never enough! In fact I already have my eye on another one!!!
So this is my new friend and this is me!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Wow did the end of the year just disappear or what! We had a crazy month, my mom was in the hospital the week before Christmas, but she's home now and doing very well. I had put my shop on vacation mode for the month and I'm glad I did! As it was I still didn't get the projects I wanted to finish done let alone work on them even a little bit!! But one project I did push myself to complete was a baby quilt for my cousin.
The quilt was made with the block from Aurifils Designer of the Month that Pat Sloan hosts. I really love how it came out! I am always on the look out for blocks that have a 5" square (or around that size) because it is perfect to show off large print fabric, especially the Thomas the Train fabric I found. I thought Amanda Murphy's block was perfect for the baby quilt I needed to work on. So the hunt was on for fabrics that matched the Thomas fabric I had. I knew I needed a variety of fabric to give the blocks some interest and help move the eye around the quilt. This is what I came up with!
I added the sashing and cornerstones and rotated the blocks, but notice how the "tightropes" still line up with one another! I love it!!!
Well I have more work to do...I still have to quilt this puppy and I have Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen to finish up for mom. I also have Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt On Ringo Lake to finish. I'm actually only on clue 2 so I have a ways to go! I also want to do Pat's Let's Go Camping (though I only went once and that was one time too many!) but the first block is so cool I'm finding it hard to resist!!! I am definitely doing her In The Summer Time sew along which starts the end of this month!! I can't wait!!! I've been pulling fabric and picking up material here and there as I find it. I have some wonderful memories of our day trips with little T when he was younger until just recently. We didn't get to do too much this past summer which was kind of sad. I love exploring the areas touristy places and parks and I hear Kentucky has some amazing waterfalls! So it's definitely on my To Do list!! Oh and I have a Second Chance quilt challenge at our local art center I'm planning. I'm excited to get that done. It will be simple and probably just a tie quilt I probably won't win a ribbon, but I know my little guy will love it! He already said I can't sell it!!! So funny! So that's what I'm up too!!! I hope you join in on some of the fun!!! It's a great way to improve your skills and you get a quilt out of it!!!
Sew until next time... this is me being busy!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

More blocks and New QAL!

I thought I posted the most recent blocks I finished for Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen, but I must of just thought about writing the post! Did you ever do that...think about doing something and after awhile THOUGHT you did it!!!! I've been doing it more often than I'd care to admit!!! So with out much further ado here are the blocks!
First block # 18 The Fridge. I probably should have used a solid color in the corners because just like my fridge it's sure is busy!!!! 
 This is block #19 Mending Basket. I'm very happy with how this one came out! I think the points lined up pretty good!
 Here is block #20 Lovely Dishes. I thought about making this one bigger and putting it in the center of the quilt, but I'm worried I won't have it finished in time and I'm not sure how long it would take to make the adjustments...maybe I'll make another bigger when I have a free moment.
I was caught up when I finished #20 on Sunday the 19, but now I have 2 blocks to do... It's ok! I'm not too far behind! At least that's what I keep telling myself! I joined another quilt a long. It's with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. This years Mystery Quilt A Long is called On Ringo Lake. I love how she suggests colors using paint chips!!! Computers are notorious for showing the wrong color! Here is the majority of my material. I just love how these colors look together!
Tonight I complete Part 1 and I am amazed how these little beauties came out! She gave tips and tricks on how to shave some time off your cutting and still have the blocks line up beautifully. Plus I'm getting better at my 1/4" seam allowance. Well with all the sewing and quilt a longs I'm doing I better be getting better! So here's my finished Part 1s...
 Aren't they cute! There is so many of them there! Shhh it's a mystery! ;)
Happy Quilting all! And I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We sure did! Lots of eating and family time, you gotta love that!
These are my blocks and this is me,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What a weekend!

I had a good weekend! I was determined to just quilt this past weekend and that's pretty much what I did!!! I've gotten a little behind on my Grandma's Kitchen quilt a long and I wanted to get caught up. I finished 3 blocks this weekend, plus cut out the fabric for the fourth. All in all pretty good since I didn't actually get to do only quilting, people want to eat around here! Here's the blocks I finished:
Here is block #11...well not quite. It was suppose to be three peppermint candies, but I'm not fond of circles and applique...well not yet! And I wanted to do a block more like the others. I'm pretty happy with the out come!
This is block #16 it's called Small Change, but I'm calling mine Rose Garden. I think it's self explanatory! I'm happy how everything lined up nicely.
 And here is block #17. I love the blues and white of this block and my points are getting better!
So how was your weekend? Did you get a lot accomplished? I really love when I can work on a project and see progress! I should show you the bookshelf hubby and I made for Little T's room. He does love his books and now he has plenty of room for them!

So this is me, Sheila!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Solstice Quilt in Batiks

I LOVE color! White walls make me nervous and beige is just a tad better! So when I first saw batik fabrics I was instantly smitten! The colors are so vibrant and they have a look of nature to them. Ever since I saw and held my first piece of batik fabric I knew I wanted to make a quilt with them. Not just a block here and there or a piece intermixed, but a whole quilt made up of batiks. So the collecting began!!!
When I found Pat Sloan's blog and QALs I was ready to use what I had so far. I found her blog just before Grandma's Kitchen started and the Solstice QAL was just finishing up. I had never did a quilt a long before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I decided the Solstice one would be perfect for me to use the batiks on and it would be all mine!!! Ok I'll share with hubby if he gets cold...he is a polar bear though so that won't happen often. No seriously he is! It'll be in the 40's and he has on a t-shirt! What normal person would do that!!! I'm bundled up with layers and a winter coat and he just makes me cold looking at him! Now back to my story... As I waited for Grandma's Kitchen to start I started on the blocks for the Solstice Quilt. I printed them out as I was planning on what to work on and what colors to do them in. I started with one and was going to go in numerical order than decided I wanted the big blocks to be some of my favorite batiks and color combos and I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric to complete the big blocks. As the weeks went on and I was also doing Grandmas Kitchen I would finish one or more blocks of the Solstice. Finishing the last block was exciting, but I must admit I had bought more batiks along the way, I mean seriously how could I not buy more! I love the way Pat laid out the blocks in a asymmetrical layout, but also gave a layout that was symmetrical if people would rather do that. I had my eye on what I thought was the perfect fabric for the background and binding. I also decided the color I used for the binding I would use for a 5" border around the quilt to make it bigger...for those days I did share with the polar bear! It ended up being 96"x96" and covered our queen bed with extra to fall down the sides. Then came the I didn't think I would ever finish quilting it! If I did just a meander I would have been finished so much sooner, but I would have been bored. So I played and planned out blocks and looked for patterns. Many of which I found from Angela Walters. If you are just starting out with FMQ I encourage you to watch everything she has! She is very entertaining and has my kind of humor! So after 2 needle replacements, 16 bobbin changes and over 40 hours on my Tiara III here is my quilt!
This is the front...

and this is the back.
 My hubby thought he was being funny having the back out. Little did he know I wanted to take a picture of that too! Notice the strip of color across the top. I used scraps from the fabric I used in the blocks on the front, framed it with the same fabric I used to bind it and not only gave the backing fabric enough inches to be able to cover the back, but also tied the back with the front. Plus it gave me more color!
I've slept under it a couple nights and I believe I've had better nights sleep or maybe I was just so tired from all that quilting!
Another thing happened to me since my last post that made me very happy...My sunflower block (go down to Thursday, September 21, 2017 to see it)  was picked in the Aurifil 2017 Designer of the Month QAL!!!! I get a box of Aurifil thread straight from Italy!!!  I love Aurifil and it's what I use all the time!!! So if anyone is interested my favorite colors are 2600 Dove I use this for all my piecing, 2783 a medium delft blue and my very favorite 2140 Orange Mustard which is a golden color. I used it on my very first quilt I quilted. I was brave and used it with a dark green background.
See all the sparkly stars! It's not perfect, but I love it! It's the very first quilt I quilted and it makes me smile! The quilt pattern is by Lori Kennedy at She has some wonderful patterns and tips and a bunch of quilt patterns!!!!
Well It's taken me all month to get this post out! I'll see you soon and we'll chat again!
This is my life in Batik and this is me!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sanitary Commission Stamps and Quilt A Longs oh my!

I've been busy with my quilt guild for a while. There is a civil war reenactment that goes on every year in Perryville KY. This year our quilt guild planned to have a civil war quilting reenactment that ran along with it! I've learn so much about what the ladies part was in the civil war. I was part of the committee to help organize and get the word out. Then I was made aware of a stamp that was used by the US Sanitary Commission to stamp the back of the quilts used at the hospitals. Well, since it is my job to make stamps I was put in motion to do just that! In looking up images of the stamps used I've learn about a few things, which is always a plus! I made one stamp that is a pretty good replica if I do say so for my self and I made a second stamp, more of a commemorative stamp for the event. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the 3 day event, but I heard all the stamps I sent sold! How cool is that!

Here is a image of the two stamps I made for the event. I usually take photos of the actual stamps for my shops, but I was in such a hurry to get them done and to the reenactment I forgot! I'll see about getting that done and loaded onto my shops very soon! 
As soon as they came to pick up the stamps for the reenactment I went right to work on blocks! Thank goodness the material was already cut out, all I had to do is sew them together!!
Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen block #12
block #13

I guess it's a good thing I didn't post yet!!! I finished up two more blocks from Grandma's Kitchen!!!
Here's block #14. I really love how this one came out!!!

And block #15. I enjoyed this one too, I just confused myself with the two different looks more light than medium! But it's still an interesting block! and I'm glad I threw those big yellow and blue roses in there.
 This block below is from Aurifil's Designer of the Month QAL. Also hosted by Pat Sloan! This is the block from February's designer. I really love batiks!! They have such a natural, unplanned look and they go so well with each other!
I have some more blocks that I need to sew up. They are also ready to go just as soon as I decide what I want to work on next. I have the solstice quilt under my needle waiting for me to finish quilting it and since our quilt guild meets a week from Tuesday I'm going to do what I can to finish it so I can take it to Show and Tell!!!! I'm really looking forward to finishing that one up! It's all batiks and the blocks were pure joy to work on. I think I've learn so much by doing that QAL even though it was already through. There was so many HST that I was doing them in my sleep!!!!
Well, this is what I've been working on and
this is
Sheila from KY!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I just finished a block I'm so in love with! It didn't turn out perfect, my points are a little off, it isn't quite 12.5" like it's suppose to be and me and Jack had a rippin' good time with it, but I just love it anyway!!!
I mean seriously! How can you NOT love a sunflower block!!! This was from Aurifil's 2017 Designer BOM This months designer is Vanessa Goertzen and I just love the block she made for September! I used Batiks I have in my stash and since I don't have many yellows I went more toward orange with blue as the background. To top it off I was lucky enough to have what I think is the perfect center for a sunflower!!!
Well that's it for today...I'm behind on my BOM, QAL, Weekly challenges, monthly challenges...oh you get what I'm saying! I need to get back to work!
This is my sunflower block and this is me!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Just keep sewing, Just keep sewing!

Sew, that's what I've been doing! You wouldn't think I had enough projects...I'm actually hunting down more Block of the Months and Quilt A Longs to join! Some I haven't participated in, but I am saving the patterns...You just never know! As if that isn't enough, I woke up the other morning with a quilt idea in my head. Good thing I always keep a pad and pencil by my bed for just such epiphanies! I love when ideas come in that half wake plane of existence! Well it took a few days after sketching out my idea that morning, but I got my grid paper out and laid down my idea. I did change one block to a star block, just seem so appropriate. I started stitching it together but it will probably be awhile before I post it here...if I ever post it at all! I mean it is my first idea, it may be a real stinker. I have to say it does look cool all drawn out and colored in though!
   So here is what I have been working on....Grandmas Kitchen by Pat Sloan. I forgot to post the block from last week. I actually finished it the Wednesday the next block came out! I'm happy to say I have both blocks done and I'm all caught up!
     This is block #9. I love the window blocks!!! The white fabric with yellow roses came from a woman in my quilt guild and I'm so happy I got it! It works great with the colors I have going in this quilt! Here's Block #10:
     This block was a lot of fun! It's Grandma's recipe box, but since I didn't get to know my grandma Bagwell or Nana very well I'm doing it for my mom. After all she is a Grandma too! It's funny looking at these two blocks I didn't use any of the fabric from the Dutch Garden collection that I originally started with! But they all play nice together so it's all good! Pat mentioned it was going to be a large throw, but I plan on making it big enough for mom to use it on her bed. As soon as Pat puts up the layout I'll be able to get an idea of how many more blocks and how big they need to be to get the size I want. I have to admit when I first started the Quilt A Long I was nervous about the unknown, but now it adds to the excitement of waiting for Wednesday to get here!
I'll post more of what I've been working on...besides making stamps and filling orders! Until then...
This is sew Sheila!
and I hope you stop by again!