Monday, November 5, 2018


Yes November already. You know what that means don't you... December is just around the corner! And before we know it it's 2019. The years go way too fast!

For my OMG this month I'm wanting to get my Let's Go Camping by Pat Sloan all pieced together. I'm doing a double border around each square and doing the setting squares different than Pat suggested. My background fabric is a solid and if I do it like she has I'm afraid it would look washed out. Besides I have this fun eagle print that I think would look great!
Look at all those Batiks! I do love me some Batiks! 
On your mark, get set.....GO!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The end of October!?

It's the end of October already! I know I keep asking, but where does the month go!
Well here is my Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal - October Finish Link-up!
 I'm pretty happy with how it came out. But I plan on making a better one, with more blacks for the black cat and a bright yellow for the pumpkin eyes. Now I just have to get it quilted! 
 I also wanted to show block 9 from the Let's Go Camping QAL with Pat Sloan. I've been bad about not posting my blocks, seems I've been getting a little too side tracked lately!
 This is called Friendships Made and it's the last block of this QAL! I am liking the way these blocks came out and I am excited about getting them together! Maybe that will be next months OMG!
I'm sorry I've made this post short and sweet, but I should be back with blocks from Pat's other QAL Merry and Bright!
Bye October, Hello November!  

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pumpkins, Falling Leaves, Cool Nights...It Must Be October!

Happy Puppy!
I haven't mentioned Indy in a while. He's had a little problem with his legs and it's been a long month and a half for him. He's been restricted to the house to rest his back leg. Somehow he pulled or tore his CCL it's the same as an ACL in people (the ligament that connects the bone above the knee with the bone below the knee). He was miserable being stuck inside. He loves being in his back yard, sitting on his hill and overlooking what he considers "HIS" territory... which happens to be every ones back yard! We have a view of 3 yards after the bottom of the hill, the yard to the left (where 6 dogs live and Indy loves them all!) and on the right is a yard and view of the side street. So he has a lot to keep an eye on. With fall the view increases to the club house further down hill. So he has a whole lot of territory to protect and that's how Great Pyrenees are, what they see they consider theirs and if it's theirs they must protect it! So he barks. A LOT, that's also what Pyrs are known for, barking.
The days were nice and cool when I took these pictures and he loves the cooler weather. I would too if I couldn't take off that fur coat! His leg wasn't getting any better, but it wasn't getting worse, so I let him out. He kept looking back at me to see if he had to come back in. I've been walking him for his potty breaks on his lead and I was happy not to have to go down that hill! Let's just say it's a good hill for sledding!

Indy surveying his territory.
The other day I noticed the leaves changing on our maple tree. The other trees in our area are dropping leaves already, but full color hasn't happened yet. My hubby thinks it'll be a bad winter because of all the crickets. What kind of old wives tales do you know concerning the weather? I have a feeling he's right, but the woolly worm I just saw was more rust than black which means a milder winter. I've been stocking up on supplies, either way if it's cold out I'd rather stay in! 
I hope you're staying warm!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Octobers OMG!

This months One Monthly Goal is a project I designed myself... scary! I figure if I put it down as my goal for this month I have a better chance of completing it. I may not have the instructions written up, especially since I've never written pattern instructions for a quilt project, but I'm taking photos and notes so who knows! Here's what I have done so far...
Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal October Linkup.
So my task is to have this wall hanging complete by end of the month. The leaves are the easy part, I'm not so sure about the other part of the design! But you can't move forward if you don't take a step! I'm excited about the project and hope it turns out how I have it pictured in my head. Hopefully you will be seeing the wall hanging done in 25 days!!!!
Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

End of September Already?!

These days seem to fly by! If it wasn't for Patty at Elm Street Quilts I probably wouldn't have noticed! It's been a fun month of quilt shows, meetings and all kinds of quilty goodness! How I got anything done I'm still trying to figure it out! I think I've been sleepquilting. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!! 
And now it's time for our OMG moment! Yes I finished my border!!! But I also finished the whole quilt! I'm sewing on the label now, but for the most part it's done and I'm so happy with it! Thank you Patty for the motivation to complete another project.
This is from another of Pat Sloan's QAL's. It's called In The Summer Time and each block has a story. Our summers have been full of Adventures, day trips around our state (at the time this quilt represents it's when we lived in Florida). We would go on what I would lovely refer to as Adventure Wednesdays. The day trips usually would happen on a Wednesday, but at times not. We went to aquariums, museums, parks, beaches, and sometimes go back to explore the area more. This quilt represents our trips we took in the summer of 2011...mostly anyway. I haven't gone through all the blocks with Little T yet, I hope when I do he looks back with fond memories and love the quilt as much as I do. We didn't go on any adventures this past summer and I think he misses it. He made a comment on how we didn't do anything this summer. I feel terrible about it since he's in 10th grade this year! But with hubby's crazy schedule it made it hard to plan things out. But I already have plans for next year!
I hope your September was filled with exciting days and projects getting finished and loved! Now off to see what Octobers OMG project will be!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Another Month, Another Goal

Boy do I need it this month! I'm having a hard time staying focused...too much on my plate maybe or my iron is low and causing havoc! It happens every now and then. Usually I just need to sit down and write out what I need to do, what needs to get done first, what can wait and what has no possibility of getting completed in the time frame I'm looking at! But there is one project I know I want do or at least I want to get the last border on. I'm piecing the border and it seems to be taking forever! I think the gremlins are unstitching while I sleep! Have you ever felt like that? Well with this border I do! It's for the QAL with Pat Sloan, In The Summer Time. I'm in love with how it turned out and you would think I would have had it quilted and binding on snuggling away under it, but no I'm fighting with the endless border! hahahaa

So my One Monthly Goal is to finish the border and get it on the Summer Time quilt! 
Can you see the striped border I'm working on on my old workhorse! I love this sweet, green heavy machine! I call him Sigmund, as in the Sea Monster... He was giving me grief snapping my thread, end up being the timing. Once I got him in time to the music we were humming along again! 

So if you need help keeping motivated and getting a project done, visit Elm Street and sign up! It's just the thing you need to keep you in line!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

My Monthly Goal Finished!

Can you believe there is only a week left to August! It seems like I just signed up for One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts and it's time to show if you completed your goal! I'm happy to say I did! I have a few threads left to hide, but as far as I'm concerned that baby is done! I'm very happy with the way the quilt turned out and mom loves it too, and that is all that matters! She is my biggest fan after all and loves everything I do, so that might have something to do with it! The pattern is from Pat Sloan's QAL that finished up back in January of this year and it was called Grandma's Kitchen.

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal - August Finish Link-up
Little T's arms aren't quite long enough!
What I love about Pat's QALs are the patterns are always available and for FREE! We just finished up on In The Summer Time and that was a wonderful QAL. I'll probably have that on my OMG for next month ! ;) And we are finishing up on another called Let's Go Camping. I'm enjoying that one very much too! I need to finish, OK I need to start the last block then there is only 2 more blocks to do! And let us not forget the latest one she started Merry and Bright. I'm pretty excited about this one too. We are on block 4 so plenty of time to join in!

I just started a Sew A Long with Gnome Angel . If you are feeling really ambitious or just crazy like me come sew a long with us! It's the Farmer's Wife 1920's quilt we are working on! It's only a mere 111 blocks! I'll be foundation pattern piecing mine. I'm new to it and have already pulled stitches out because I sew them in the wrong position or the fabric was right side down UGH, but I figure by the time I'm well into this I should have a hang of it! I'll be posting photos of the blocks I have finished in another post!

Another Quilt A Long I'm doing is Seeing Stars with Melissa over at Happy Quilting. We are in our 2nd week and I have to admit I'm a little nervous about this weeks star, it has curves! Drunkards path to be precise. But she's a pretty good teacher, last week she gave a tutorial on the no waste flying geese. If you haven't tried it yet you really should! I did 3 stars with 8 flying geese each and I did them in less than 2 days! They went together so easy! I'll also be posting these in another post.
So that's it for my week! I'll be back to show you more blocks in a bit!!!

Enjoy the last bits of summer, it's going by way too fast!

Friday, August 17, 2018

I love to create...

Especially when it comes out how I envision!
When little T was younger he loved the book Where The Wild Things Are.  We read it so often I knew it by heart and it was on of my favorites to read to him. So I made him the monster from the book! It wasn't near perfect,  I wouldn't even call myself a novice at making toys,  but he loved it and carried it with him everywhere and let me say that he was a heavy little monster!!!
I made him out of old jeans, crocheted the hair into of his head after sewing a grid of the same color yarn to his scalp and used one of little T's baby shirts to make him a shirt. I'm proud of it because little T loved it.  The reason I'm telling this story is because I never thought I would make something that he would care much about.  Until I finished his chrome book cover for school! He thought it was great and wanted me to make more to sell to the other kids at school. He's such an entrepreneur! He wanted an anchor. That's where the FPP anchor came in from last week! Plus he wanted the dolphin material I had and he wanted a hammerhead shark in the center of a star! Which I also had to design and then I foundation paper pieced it to make sure the points came out right. I quilted it all, the anchor was in the ditch (sort of), I echoed the star and the ocean scene with the dolphins I did a watery ripple. I also purchased a couple foundation paper piecing books to try more of those! But I have to say it has been very rewarding to make up my own pattern!

 This project was filled with a lot of firsts for me. I do enjoy a challenge though so it just added to the fun! Plus I got it done in time for the first day of school! Nothing like a deadline to motivate you to finish a project.
Here's to fun projects and new ideas!
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Anchors Away and My First Attempt at FPP

I love trying new things. I try not to over think and scare myself out of doing something, I just leap in and do it. That being said if you decide you want to try FPP at least try someones pattern that has been proven and they can give you info on how to do it. Yep my first attempt at FPP was with my own design, crazy huh! Well it may have taken longer than it should and I may have wasted some fabric, but I did it, it's done and I 'm pretty happy with the results! Here it is...
Anchors Away!
My son starts school on the 15th and they passed out Chrome Books for the kids this year. Little T is very good about taking care of his property and gets a little nervous when it comes to taking care of things like this so he wanted me to make a cover for it. He spotted the Anchor block in Jinney
Beyer's The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns. If you've ever seen this book it's huge and it's only the pictures of the blocks with a little graph of the block, no instructions or detail how to make the block. I changed the block a little bit from the picture, but it looks like and anchor so I'm happy! And so is my son and that's what matters! Now to figure out how to make the rest of the cover!
Wish me luck and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A Quick Post on an Upcoming QAL!

And YES I'm playing along! It's at Happy Quilting and it's called Seeing Stars...> See the button on the right!!!! I love those things! Click on it and it will take you to Melissa's blog (or the above link) and you can see the beautiful quilt we will be making. Here are the fabrics I'll be using, batiks of course!!!! With Kona cotton in black as my background. This QAL is great for those fat quarter bundles you have sitting pretty on your shelf, waiting patiently to became something wonderful! I know you have them, I can't be the only one with several fat quarters sitting pretty waiting for the perfect project!
What do you think? I love bright batiks with a black background! I may not use them all or I may change one or two or add a couple more, but this is what I'm stating with!
Here's the latest QAL and this is my fabric I'm using, come join the fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Life, Blocks, Challenges, Ideas and Goals

Happy August! Boy July flew by! Little T will be starting school on the 15th...10th GRADE! Oh my goodness where has the time gone. He's been ready to go back, since the last day of 9th grade! We did spend the day in the city last week. Compared to our small town, it's a city. We had to go to Half-Priced Books first. Little T just loves books and bought a bunch about history also something he loves. I found EQ5 software there for only 7.99! I've been wanting to try it and I see that I will be able to upgrade so I thought I'd give it a shot. We also went to Malibu Jacks, it's not just for little kids. They have miniature golf, go carts, laser tag, virtual reality and arcade games with video games...I'm talking retro games like Pac-Man on steroids! And since little T is into the retro games (remind me to tell you about his video game consoles and games collection!) he enjoyed playing Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and one that he's been playing on his cell phone, Crossy Roads. Which to me is like Frogger. Daddy played Space Invaders with him and Timmy beat him! Check out the score! We also played miniature golf and had a great time! Maybe next time laser tag!

And since we were in Lexington we had to have Steak N Shake for dinner! I wish they would put one in our small town, I love those fries!
Now to blocks! Wednesday was the 2nd block in Merry and Bright QAL!!!! It was also block #7 of Lets Go Camping! But I didn't have a chance to work on that one yet. Both are run by Pat Sloan, she's one busy woman! She also gave us a challenge of doing a whole quilt of the house block! That got me thinking (this is when my hubby cringes) I 'll have to work on my idea before I let you in on it though. Anyway, here is my 2nd block;

Hang the Wreath

Here's block 1 and 2
I'm liking the blues, but the red and greens that Pat and most of the others are doing them in look absolutely wonderful! I may break down and do this QAL in those colors too!!!
I'm finishing up on my In The Summer Time. I absolutely loved this QAL. It had me pulling out old photos of our Adventure Wednesdays and reminiscing. Looking at how young little T was in some of those pictures just made me realize how fast time flies! Here's my flimsy top I still have a scrappy border to put around it, but the challenge was to get the top posted before the 3rd! I can't wait to quilt this special quilt.

Speaking of quilting...that brings me to my monthly Goal! OMG! I've been trying to participate in this for months, but never could get things right. I think it's a wonderful idea to help motivate and keep you focused on what you want/need to get done. It's run by Patty Dudek of Elm Street Quilts and it's full of inspiration, tips and tricks. Now to my goal...finishing mom's quilt! It's Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen QAL that ended in January. I'm finally quilting it, but keep getting side tracked! I'm on the last round of quilting (I have ten 12inch blocks plus sashing to finish) and I need to bind it before my Quilt Guild meeting on August 21st, there I put it out in the universe and hopefully that will keep me on track to finally get moms quilt completed! Here's a photo of it under the needle of my Tiara III.

Spread out as best as I could

Close up of the basket full of roses

earlier work on a block, meandering roses
I hope you have a week full of fun and creative bliss and here's to getting projects done!
This is my goal and this is me,

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Quilt A Long With Pat Sloan!!!!

I know what you are probably thinking...She started another QAL!!!! Well can you blame me! It is a Christmas QAL after all and it's with Pat! I'm also happy to report that I'm currently quilting Grandma's Kitchen and finishing up on In the Summer Time. I'm just piecing the borders on it and then it will be ready to quilt!!! So that's two that will be done to the one I'm starting.

Today was the first block in her Merry and Bright Quilt A Long and it's a house! Mine doesn't look much like a house...well it is for a polar bear! With a snowman bearing gifts at  
the door, so it's all good! 

Home For The Holidays
I'm using the Snowy Friends collection and several other yards of complementary fabrics since the fat quarter of Snowy Friends only had 14 in the bundle (I guess that was all in the collection). It actually came out last year and certain pieces are hard to find. I wanted more in the snowflake that was with this line, but it has proven to be extremely hard to find. All in all I'm happy with the block and the color way I'm going with. I'm debating whether or not to do a second one in traditional Christmas colors...I do have plenty of that!
So grab your mittens and come join the fun!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Beautiful Weather and More Blocks!

I can't believe how beautiful the past few days have been! It's been going down in the 50's at night, so of course the windows are open! Last night I was serenaded by cows! YES COWS! I could hear them mooing and it sounded like they were right in my back yard, but they weren't. The wind must have been blowing from the east or something!!! We have a farm across the main road from our home and more farms on the other side of the golf course so I'm sure it was from one of those places. I never heard cows in Florida. We lived in Pinellas county and while I know there were horses I have never seen a cow there. The same where I grew up in New Jersey. We were in central New Jersey close to the ocean. I don't remember any farms close by or hearing about any farm land...just the suburbs. So hearing the cows always makes me smile. I would love to live on a farm and raise goats and chickens. Maybe one day... After I convince my husband it's an absolutely awesome idea!!! He's all city boy, born and raised in Tampa FL. oh well there may be hope, you always have to have hope!

Now for the fun part!!!! BLOCKS! I finished another block for In The Summer Time by Pat Sloan. I thought I was only behind a few blocks. Well! I couldn't be more wrong!!!! I just finished block 12 and todays release was block 18! Oh man do I have some work to do! Two more blocks and it's time for the borders and quilting! EEEEK! This has gone so fast! But never fear, the Let's Go Camp QAL is still going, at least for 3 more months! This QAL is also one of Pat's. Plus on the 14th of June she is hosting another Splendid Sampler QAL, but this is with her new book! Even though the book hasn't been released yet you can QAL from 20 patterns from the book...for FREE! I believe by the time you get to the end the book will be released and then they will continue the QAL from the book. Sounds like fun! Sorry I got off track! Here is block #12 Family Reunion
No my family reunions weren't horrible and shark infested! This quilt is mainly for Little T to remember our summers...and me and hubby too! We went to the Mote
Marine Laboratory and Aquarium (I mentioned it in my last post) This is an awesome place! In one part they had the sea turtles like I posted last and in another is the sharks! I have always been interested in sharks, to the point of wanting to study them!!! So this block is for our time spent watching these marvelous predators swimming about!

Photos by Sheila 2011
Here, Little T is watching one of the sharks. He kept coming around so he must really like the attention. Or he's very hungry and we looked appetizing! Whatever the case he was very entertaining to watch.

NOW for the Let's Go Camping blocks! These blocks will be assembled on point. I'm very excited about this! I haven't done a quilt on point yet!!! This is a monthly Quilt A Long so I'm right on time with it!! Just haven't kept up with posting them.

Block #3 Animal Crossing
I'm very happy with this one! I've always wanted to do a Bear Paw block!

Block #4 What You Take
Another fun block! I'm so proud of points are still there!

Block #5 Things You Do
Another block I've been wanting to do! and I still have my points!!!

Block #6 Stirring The Pot
Interesting block and a lot of fun putting together!

Here they are all together on the back of another quilt. This is how they will lay out. As you can see Mittens had to get in there! He was actually laying on the blocks and mushing them up on me! Stinker!!! I have material with eagles and mountains on it that I'm thinking would be a good back ground, but I'll wait to see how things go.

I've been trying to put sewing into my daily routine. I've been doing pretty good about it until today. I do plan on getting some strips cut so that if I have a minute I can at least sew something together, even if it's only 2 inches! And who knows tonight isn't over with yet!!! ;)

So this is more blocks and this is me!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Long time, no blogging!

It's been awhile since I've posted quilt blocks or talked about life in general! My mom had a bad winter, catching every bug and virus that came her way! She just got over pneumonia and that really took a lot out of her! The end of March meant my little guy turned 15 years old!!!! Geez NOW I feel old! He's taller than me now, though I am short (5'3") I'm hoping he takes after daddy (6'3") but little T thinks he'll be short. You know how teenagers are, not happy unless they are thinking everything is doom and gloom!

As for my quilt blocks... get ready there is a bunch!

We'll start with Pat Sloan's In the Summertime. I'm doing it mostly in Batiks and the solid is Kona Cotton in Champagne;

Block 3 "Reading Books"
I enjoyed this block very much. It reminded me of the Fridays at the library with Little T. He has always loved books, thank goodness he still does! In 7th grade he was reading at an above 12th grade level!  
Block 4 "Meet You At The Drive In"
Remember we are from Florida and sitting outside in the summer heat and humidity wasn't what we called fun. So I did a block of our day at the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota FL. They rescue Turtles and other sea life and protect the sea turtles nesting area. Little T loved going through the safety net for the turtles!

Block 5 "Ice Cream Love"
We didn't go get ice cream too much...At least I can't remember it! Little T and I would go to the yogurt self serve place that was near the movie theater after seeing a summer movie. So instead I did another one for the gardens. We would go on hikes too and see all the native flora and fauna. I loved it! Here Little T is checking out the poster to see what we may see on our little hike.

Block 6 "Summer Stars"
I remember our summer nights having the night sky full of dragonflies! I use to love watching them dart around!
Block 7 "Splish Splash"
One of our Adventures was to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It's more of a hospital for the rescued sea life. Their goal is to return the animals to the sea, but sometimes it isn't possible. Like in the case of Winter. You may have seen the movie, well, we saw Winter! And little T loved him! Notice the soft animal in his's a Winter stuffy! We went back again so I'm sure I'll do another block of dolphins!
Block 8 "Vacations"
We didn't go on any long vacations. We would do short day trips to the beach, aquariums, museums and parks. This block is of the beaches Clearwater, Casperson, and Sarasota!
Block 9 "Games of Summer"
In 1989 St. Pete Florida got their Major League Baseball team, the Devil Rays! This was before little T was born, but hubby and I had season tickets the first year! Later on when our sweet baby came along he got to go see them too. 
Cheesy Monkey!
Block 10 "Rain Drops"
Anyone who has spent any time in Florida knows it rains, daily! Then there is the hurricanes and well more rain! The good thing was if it rained during the day (usually the same time every day...4pm) it was only for a short period of time. The bad thing was the humidity that came from it! I feel myself melting just thinking about it!!! But oh how it made those tropical plants grow!

Block 11 "Fresh Fruits and Veggies"
My favorite fresh fruit was the strawberries! They came in around February and then they would have the Strawberry Festival! YUM! Little T loved the oranges that grew in the tree in our back yard! I did too!!! I have a couple small fruit trees (orange, lemon and tangerine) here in KY, but as soon as they start doing good it's time to take them in for the winter. And after being outside in the wonderful summer, they don't do too good inside. I'm looking to get a greenhouse this year! Hopefully that will help my tropical plants that we miss so much. 
WELL! That's it for the In The Summer Time Quilt a Long. I need to do three more...oops 4 after tomorrow! Since this was a crazy long post, mostly photo heavy. I think I'll take a break and post the rest of the projects I've done  least I'll try to post the rest tomorrow!
So this is In The Summer Time,
and this is me!

Privacy Policy

Apparently Google says I have to post a notice on this blog...I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about! I don't use advertisers, as far as I know I don't use cookies...I love to eat cookies, but I'm pretty sure that's not what they are talking about. Beyond that I have no idea about the cookie thing! I don't collect peoples names...I think I had one person comment on my blog...pretty sad I know! But I don't personally save any ones name or number or any information for that matter! I just want to write my blog about what has been going on in my little corner of the world. Show the quilt blocks I've been working on and share the Quilt A Longs I'm playing along in. I don't understand how I can be responsible for keeping people who visit my blog safe. Personally I think it should be up to the blog developer...I'm technically savvy enough to get me into trouble! As in loose my blog post before I can publish it...yes I have done that! If you want to know more about Googles EU User consent policy here is the link they gave me... Although I'm not even sure if they can see my blog anymore!  As you can see it isn't that easy to follow, or maybe it's just me and I need a nap, maybe a couple cookies first!
So this is the privacy Policy and
This is me!

Monday, February 12, 2018

What a Week!

Last week seemed to last forever! Both my mom and me started out last Monday sick! By Wednesday the school called for me to pick up little T because he threw up in class! and on Friday they closed the school for illness! Growing up they never closed the school because too many kids got sick, but the last several years I've heard of other schools in Kentucky having to close because of the flu. This is the first time schools in our town had to close, both the local schools and the county schools!!! Scary to think the bugs are getting harder to get rid of that they have to close a school to disinfect them to get rid of whatever the most recent crude going around is!!!! Little T was better than me and mom, his didn't last nearly as long as ours did! Thank goodness! I hate seeing my sweet boy sick.
On the quilting side I have a few blocks and QALs to share.
This one is from Edyta Sitar's Patches of Blue QAL. You need to buy her book to play along in this quilt a long, but like her fabric the book is full of beautiful inspiration!
I actually completed this one on the 1st of February. This is a huge block at 16 1/2" and I think I used too many tan fabrics. So I guess my "Frost" is a little on the thawing out side!!! I'm still happy with how it came out and I'm anxiously waiting for the next block! This QAL is a once a month QAL which makes it easy to keep up with. But it seems like forever for the month to go by...hurry up February 15th! 
On February 4 (right before the crude set in!) there was a Super Bowl Mystery quilt along with Agatha and Sherlock. It ran only the day and I was hoping I could finish it up, well at least the top! It didn't work out that way!!! Now I have an UFO! But I'll work on it on and off between other QALs., I don't have a link for it. Apparently it only stays up for a short time. It was interesting and I may do another, she had others in the past. If you like participating with other quilters on facebook you're out of luck with this one. It was very closed off, I guess because you only had a day to work on it.
My most recent blocks are for Pat Sloan's Quilt a Longs, "In The Summer Time" and "Let's Go Camping". I posted The first blocks in both of these, but the Summer Time one needed it's border so I did that...
At the Beach block #1
I'm using Kona Cotton in Champagne as my background fabric, the color is a little off since I took it inside late last night. I'm using a mix of Batiks and regular cotton fabrics, whatever I could find in the adventures I was looking for!
Here is block #2 Oh The Gardens
We went to a few gardens, but trying to grow anything in Florida during the summer was not so easy. I did have a little area in our backyard that seemed a few degrees cooler. In it I had a big elephant ear type of plant along with some other tropical plants. Little T loved that garden and told me he misses it. I'm trying to grow some tropicals here, but they need to come in for the cold weather and they don't seem to go as big as they did in Florida. Here is Little T in the garden he loved back in 2011. You can see the elephant ear leaves by him, they are huge! I think he liked to pretend he was on safari!!!
Here is block #2 Around the Campfire for Pat's other QAL Let's Go Camping.
The background I'm using for this BOM is Kona Color in Silver and of course the rest is Batiks. Both the QALs are similar in colors, a kind of earthy tones to match the home. I can't remember ever having a campfire. We do have a fire pit in the backyard, it mainly holds Indy's sticks. I tried to tell him they are for a fire, but he thinks he should spread them out through the backyard. Hubby has a time trying to pick them up before mowing, especially if Indy is still outside. It's pretty funny to watch. I've tried to help in the past by picking up the sticks before hubby gets back there and Indy always helps redistributes them!!!
I have to say, I'm really enjoying Pat's QAL In the Summer Time. I found my photos from our adventures in 2011 and was going through them. Seeing my little guy so much smaller just makes me smile! I think I'll scrapbook the pages as we go through this summer time together!
This is me reminiscing and
This is Sheila