Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Quilt A Longs!!!

Well, I am happy to say the quilt a longs are really starting up! I'm so excited about Pat Sloan's In the Summer Time QAL and it started today!!!! EEEEEK!!! We use to go some place every week when we lived in Florida, even if it was just the beach... Which happens to be the first block in this QAL!!! We've gone a few places since we've moved to Kentucky, like Mammoth Caves. Wow are they
vast! Back to the QAL... I collected material that represented places we went and things we saw on our adventures over the years and I've been so excited about this QAL since Pat mentioned it back in December that I could barely sleep due to the anticipation!!! So here's my first block...
There is a border that goes around the block, but I'm waiting on the background fabric. The shells and sharks teeth around the block are just a tad bit of the goodies we collected on our days at the beach. Yes I did say sharks teeth, fossilized sharks teeth. One of our favorite beaches was loaded with them! And it was my red headed husbands only favorite beach to go to...he didn't like the beach too much. I would snorkel and the boys would hunt for sharks teeth on the beach. The other wonderful thing about this little beach is it was hardly ever crowded, no condos and they still had sand dunes!!! It was heaven!!! I do miss the beach since living in Kentucky, but that's ok. Their is so many interesting things around here too.
So this is my day at the beach and this is me!

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