Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sunday Drive and the treasure that I found!

I never thought I'd be lucky enough to find a great deal, but I did!!! I saw an ad for a vintage Singer sewing machine. It was green and I just fell in love with it. I contacted the person and even though she had the ad out for over a week she still had it!!! So we got together and gave her what she was asking...$27. She didn't know if it worked or not, but I thought for $27 bucks how could I pass it up! We drove almost an hour on Sunday and it was a beautiful drive through the country roads of Kentucky. When we got there I couldn't wait to get it to the car and really look it over. It was dirty and probably would need a good cleaning and oil, but I was thrilled! As soon as I got home I checked the computer to find the year it was made, then to the table to clean it, back to the computer, back to the table...I wanted to do everything all at once!!! So after cleaning and oiling all the parts (I checked the internet for how to oil it) I plugged it in, a little nervous...would it blow up? catch fire? do nothing? Then pressed the petal and wow! It worked!!!! I did smell something from the motor and decided I would have someone look at it that knew more than what I found on the internet. I think it may just be old oil on the motor at least that's what my friend suggested and she has a few antique machines. In fact her husband is going to look at it for me so I'm very happy!!!!
Without much further ado... Introducing "Sigmund" my sea green monster! He is a Singer 185J born in Canada in 1954.
I've read that you are suppose to name them! And one is never enough! In fact I already have my eye on another one!!!
So this is my new friend and this is me!

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