Monday, February 12, 2018

What a Week!

Last week seemed to last forever! Both my mom and me started out last Monday sick! By Wednesday the school called for me to pick up little T because he threw up in class! and on Friday they closed the school for illness! Growing up they never closed the school because too many kids got sick, but the last several years I've heard of other schools in Kentucky having to close because of the flu. This is the first time schools in our town had to close, both the local schools and the county schools!!! Scary to think the bugs are getting harder to get rid of that they have to close a school to disinfect them to get rid of whatever the most recent crude going around is!!!! Little T was better than me and mom, his didn't last nearly as long as ours did! Thank goodness! I hate seeing my sweet boy sick.
On the quilting side I have a few blocks and QALs to share.
This one is from Edyta Sitar's Patches of Blue QAL. You need to buy her book to play along in this quilt a long, but like her fabric the book is full of beautiful inspiration!
I actually completed this one on the 1st of February. This is a huge block at 16 1/2" and I think I used too many tan fabrics. So I guess my "Frost" is a little on the thawing out side!!! I'm still happy with how it came out and I'm anxiously waiting for the next block! This QAL is a once a month QAL which makes it easy to keep up with. But it seems like forever for the month to go by...hurry up February 15th! 
On February 4 (right before the crude set in!) there was a Super Bowl Mystery quilt along with Agatha and Sherlock. It ran only the day and I was hoping I could finish it up, well at least the top! It didn't work out that way!!! Now I have an UFO! But I'll work on it on and off between other QALs., I don't have a link for it. Apparently it only stays up for a short time. It was interesting and I may do another, she had others in the past. If you like participating with other quilters on facebook you're out of luck with this one. It was very closed off, I guess because you only had a day to work on it.
My most recent blocks are for Pat Sloan's Quilt a Longs, "In The Summer Time" and "Let's Go Camping". I posted The first blocks in both of these, but the Summer Time one needed it's border so I did that...
At the Beach block #1
I'm using Kona Cotton in Champagne as my background fabric, the color is a little off since I took it inside late last night. I'm using a mix of Batiks and regular cotton fabrics, whatever I could find in the adventures I was looking for!
Here is block #2 Oh The Gardens
We went to a few gardens, but trying to grow anything in Florida during the summer was not so easy. I did have a little area in our backyard that seemed a few degrees cooler. In it I had a big elephant ear type of plant along with some other tropical plants. Little T loved that garden and told me he misses it. I'm trying to grow some tropicals here, but they need to come in for the cold weather and they don't seem to go as big as they did in Florida. Here is Little T in the garden he loved back in 2011. You can see the elephant ear leaves by him, they are huge! I think he liked to pretend he was on safari!!!
Here is block #2 Around the Campfire for Pat's other QAL Let's Go Camping.
The background I'm using for this BOM is Kona Color in Silver and of course the rest is Batiks. Both the QALs are similar in colors, a kind of earthy tones to match the home. I can't remember ever having a campfire. We do have a fire pit in the backyard, it mainly holds Indy's sticks. I tried to tell him they are for a fire, but he thinks he should spread them out through the backyard. Hubby has a time trying to pick them up before mowing, especially if Indy is still outside. It's pretty funny to watch. I've tried to help in the past by picking up the sticks before hubby gets back there and Indy always helps redistributes them!!!
I have to say, I'm really enjoying Pat's QAL In the Summer Time. I found my photos from our adventures in 2011 and was going through them. Seeing my little guy so much smaller just makes me smile! I think I'll scrapbook the pages as we go through this summer time together!
This is me reminiscing and
This is Sheila

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