Monday, September 4, 2017

Just keep sewing, Just keep sewing!

Sew, that's what I've been doing! You wouldn't think I had enough projects...I'm actually hunting down more Block of the Months and Quilt A Longs to join! Some I haven't participated in, but I am saving the patterns...You just never know! As if that isn't enough, I woke up the other morning with a quilt idea in my head. Good thing I always keep a pad and pencil by my bed for just such epiphanies! I love when ideas come in that half wake plane of existence! Well it took a few days after sketching out my idea that morning, but I got my grid paper out and laid down my idea. I did change one block to a star block, just seem so appropriate. I started stitching it together but it will probably be awhile before I post it here...if I ever post it at all! I mean it is my first idea, it may be a real stinker. I have to say it does look cool all drawn out and colored in though!
   So here is what I have been working on....Grandmas Kitchen by Pat Sloan. I forgot to post the block from last week. I actually finished it the Wednesday the next block came out! I'm happy to say I have both blocks done and I'm all caught up!
     This is block #9. I love the window blocks!!! The white fabric with yellow roses came from a woman in my quilt guild and I'm so happy I got it! It works great with the colors I have going in this quilt! Here's Block #10:
     This block was a lot of fun! It's Grandma's recipe box, but since I didn't get to know my grandma Bagwell or Nana very well I'm doing it for my mom. After all she is a Grandma too! It's funny looking at these two blocks I didn't use any of the fabric from the Dutch Garden collection that I originally started with! But they all play nice together so it's all good! Pat mentioned it was going to be a large throw, but I plan on making it big enough for mom to use it on her bed. As soon as Pat puts up the layout I'll be able to get an idea of how many more blocks and how big they need to be to get the size I want. I have to admit when I first started the Quilt A Long I was nervous about the unknown, but now it adds to the excitement of waiting for Wednesday to get here!
I'll post more of what I've been working on...besides making stamps and filling orders! Until then...
This is sew Sheila!
and I hope you stop by again!

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