Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What a weekend!

I had a good weekend! I was determined to just quilt this past weekend and that's pretty much what I did!!! I've gotten a little behind on my Grandma's Kitchen quilt a long and I wanted to get caught up. I finished 3 blocks this weekend, plus cut out the fabric for the fourth. All in all pretty good since I didn't actually get to do only quilting, people want to eat around here! Here's the blocks I finished:
Here is block #11...well not quite. It was suppose to be three peppermint candies, but I'm not fond of circles and applique...well not yet! And I wanted to do a block more like the others. I'm pretty happy with the out come!
This is block #16 it's called Small Change, but I'm calling mine Rose Garden. I think it's self explanatory! I'm happy how everything lined up nicely.
 And here is block #17. I love the blues and white of this block and my points are getting better!
So how was your weekend? Did you get a lot accomplished? I really love when I can work on a project and see progress! I should show you the bookshelf hubby and I made for Little T's room. He does love his books and now he has plenty of room for them!

So this is me, Sheila!

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